Tech that Tuesday–VL3000 Belt Tension

Tech that Tuesday

One of the most common maintenance tasks on most moving lights is checking and correcting belt tension. As a fixture is used and travels in trucks, it’s not uncommon for belts to become too loose or too tight (the former because of truck rides and normal use loosening fasteners, the latter because some belts tend to shrink a little with …

Tech that Tuesday — Radiance Hazer Cleaning

The Radiance hazer is a high quality machine that can provide many years of reliable service, but it does require maintenance. Depending on how heavily your machine is used, it may require cleaning several times a year. If you notice that your hazer’s output isn’t as good as it used to be, it’s probably time for a cleaning.

Troubleshooting a VL3000 That Won’t Strike

The VL3000 series of fixtures has a fairly simple lamp circuit, with several obvious places to check for trouble. If your fixture isn’t lamping on, there’s a few easy troubleshooting steps to take. Don’t just replace the lamp! Most of the time the failure is somewhere else, so there’s a few things to check first.