ILC is pleased to announce, through a strategic partnership with High End Systems/Barco, the Hog 4 product is now in place for ILC’s production and rental customers.

The Hog series of consoles has been a flagship for High End Systems for many years. ILC’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tom Siko commented: “This was the desk many of us grew up on and launched our careers in the automated lighting space. It’s great to see the Hog reborn in the entertainment community with it’s versatility and power of lighting design and programming.”

The Hog 4 represents one of the most state of the art programming platforms available today. With the recently released 3.5 software, more features such as compound fixture scheduling and direct control of video matrix switchers continue to improve the feature set of this programing interface. The Hog 4 is has virtually unlimited channel capacity through the available ethernet DP products.

Please contact your ILC salesperson today or sales@ilc.com to schedule a demonstration of this powerful new product in ILC’s inventory. For more information about the Hog 4 or High End Systems please visit www.highend.com.