Las Vegas, NV

The Show

ILC - Meetinghouse Companies Event SolutionsOur challenge was to transform a stark white tent into an Aztec environment and construct a flame on top of a 15’ tower. Additionally, impressing and exciting the event professionals was an equally important task.

The Work

ILC - Meetinghouse Companies Event SolutionsA 3-D flame was created using Martin LC LED panels. (34) Intelligent lighting fixtures were used to paint the ceiling with color and texture throughout the show and (50) LED uplights were used in conjunction with the media server to make walls flicker as if lit by the center flame. (48) Conventional fixtures for various gobo and pattern projections. Over 400’ of black truss hung in a zig-zag pattern which achieved superior lighting positions and complemented décor.

The Results

ILC - Meetinghouse Companies Event SolutionsStarting with the zig-zag truss, this lighting system provided enough impact to grab the attention of seasoned event professionals. The entire ceiling of the 100’ x 300’ tent was colored with intelligent lights and switched between the subtle Aztec theme to a disco during entertainment portions of the event. The highlight of the show was the 6’ tall flame displayed with LED panels situated on top of a 15’ tall center structure. Using a media server, ILC pixel mapped the flame video onto the uplights to have the walls appear as if lit by the center flame.
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