The Show

ILC Art of Light - Bayer Exhibit 2008The (17) 7’ wide x 18’ tall structure needed to be illuminated from within and overcome ambient light levels. The ability to change colors of all structures from a single control panel had to be maintained as well as matching and complementing brand colors.

The Work

ILC Art of Light - Bayer Exhibit 2008(51) Martin Stagebar 54L LED fixtures were used to light the (17) structures. City Theatrical Wireless DMX were used in conjunction with a HES Hog Full Boar console which controlled all fixtures from a single area.

The Results

ILC Art of Light - Bayer Exhibit 2008The use of the high powered LED fixtures allowed ILC to overcome ambient light levels while maintaining even color from top to bottom. The (5) color LED fixtures (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White) produced subtle color changes that complemented the booth space. Wireless control of all fixtures eliminated the need for cables and maintained the overall clean appearance of the exhibit.
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