Meet the Crew — Elizabeth Patterson

Meet the Crew

Elizabeth is ILC’s Lead Project Manager.

“Working in the industry professionally for over ten years, I came to ILC knowing its reputation in the industry as having the higher end gear that was always immaculate. I started as Matt Pearlman’s sales assistant in 2015 and worked my way up to being the lead project manager in a fairly quick amount of time.

There isn’t a whole lot that goes on at ILC that doesn’t have my fingerprints on it. From booking labor to drafting, permanent installs to productions, I do it all. I like being a sponge of knowledge and want to learn how to help everyone at ILC and its patrons.

Since working as lead project manager, my focus has been to build a secure foundation for the sales team to lean on with projects and productions. Our project management department is running strong. We are always ready to answer the call for help!

I have a duality here at ILC that not everyone is used to.  I have a background in production, and it is my first love. Recently, I have been asking to place my focus in permeant systems installs. It has been a challenge since I am still learning, but I am picking up on the permeant installations side of ILC’s business quickly. My perfectionist view and high quality standards means that the project management team will take care of a job the best way possible.

My favorite production has been our ASCO booths. We did nine booths last year, and I had to balance the needs of the client for the entire run, as well as support the crew during the one week prep.  The prep week for this show is hectic but gratifying. I get to move from my desk and place my computer in the middle of our shop floor as a central hub for information to flow through to sales, client, crew chiefs, and shop hands. I love a show like this because I get to know every moving piece of the puzzle.

In regards to systems projects, my favorite thus far has been the Art Institute of Chicago’s Medieval Gallery (opening March 17th, 2017). The best part of working on every project is going behind the scenes and seeing all the collaborative effort that goes into making a project flawless for the public. A project like AIC’s medieval gallery exemplifies a collaborative atmosphere. With a crew from Germany, a slew of museum curators, a lighting director, hands from around the Chicago area, and full-time employees from ILC, this project has a lot of cooks in the kitchen. In the end, every person who steps foot in that gallery will be able to see the blood, sweat, and tears all of us poured into the project.

My goal here at ILC, besides creating an all-star team, is to find the best solution when pitted up against every challenge presented.”